DynRPG  v0.14a
RM2k3 Plugin SDK
The Patch


It couldn't be easier: You just run the patcher (that's the file called dynrpg_patcher.exe), select your project's RPG_RT.exe file and that's it, at least in most of the cases. DynRPG should be compatible with all other 1.08-based patches.

In case you don't have RPG_RT.exe version 1.08, the patcher will offer you to install it. However, this will remove all existing modifications (other patches, custom icon, etc.). But don't worry, in case anything goes wrong there is always a backup (that's the file with the .bak extension). If you install the patch "over" an existing (older) version of the DynRPG Patch, there will also be a backup of the dynloader.dll file.

You don't need to include the backup files (ending with .bak) in your finished game. Also, players don't need to install anything special to run a game which uses DynRPG.

The patcher will also automatically create a DynPlugins folder for you, so you can immediately start adding and using plugins.

Extra Features

Of course, the main feature of the DynRPG Patch is interfacing the DynRPG Loader, which then loads the plugins. (See Parts for more information.)

You cannot use more than 30 plugins at the same time.

But that's not everything, the patch also comes with several improvements and bugfixes for the RPG Maker:

About the pictures

The DynRPG patch increases the picture limit to 2000. You might have heard that Hyper Patcher 2 is able to increase this limit to a crazy 9999, but this is not so healthy in this case. Using that many pictures takes several seconds to load on starting or loading a game or going to title screen, plus you would have very bad performance with DynRPG because the DynRPG SDK allows plugins to intercept picture drawing. Each plugin is called once before and once after the picture is to draw, so you can imagine that 9999 pictures would mean 5 times more plugin calls than 2000 pictures, so I decided that 2000 pictures would be the best compromise.

You can still use Hyper Patcher 2 to change this limit, but only pictures #1 to #1000 will be erased on map change!

The fact that pictures with an ID greater than 1000 won't be erased automatically allows you to use pictures for cross-map purposes more easily.

However, there is one thing you need to do (unless you are already using PicPointerPatch): You need to modify the RPG Maker editor itself too, otherwise you won't be able to select picture IDs greater than 50 in the event editor. There are two ways to do this:

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