DynRPG  v0.14a
RM2k3 Plugin SDK
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
RPG::ActionAction of a battler (normal attack, skill, escape, etc.), including target
RPG::ActorUsed for the data of actors which can be changed in-game
RPG::ArrayBaseOne< T, size >Helper class for arrays with base one
RPG::BattlerUsed for entities participating in battle, i.e. actors and monsters
RPG::BattleSettingsUsed for battle settings (layout, etc.)
RPG::CanvasImage buffer with 16 bit color depth, used as canvas for multiple 8-bit images
RPG::Catalog< T >Wrapper class for RPG::DList which doesn't crash if the index is out of bounds
RPG::CatalogPtr< T >Wrapper class for RPG::Catalog pointers (syntactic sugar)
RPG::CharacterUsed for movable entities on the map, i.e. events, the hero (and vehicles, but they are not supported yet)
RPG::ColorControlColor effect settings for RPG::Image objects
RPG::DArray< T, base_ >Array class
RPG::DBActorUsed for the default data of actors which is defined in the database
RPG::DBitmapWrapper class for windows' HBITMAPs
RPG::DBSystemUsed for the default system data which is defined in the database
RPG::DList< T >Class representing Delphi's TList (without resizing for the moment)
RPG::DListPtr< T >Wrapper class for RPG::DList pointers (syntactic sugar)
RPG::DStringHelper class representing a Delphi string
RPG::DStringPtrMighty wrapper class for RPG::DString pointers, the string class for RPG Maker strings
RPG::EventUsed for events as subtype of characters
RPG::EventDataClass used for storing special event data of a character
RPG::EventScriptDataClass used for the event script data of an event
RPG::EventScriptLineRepresents an event script line
RPG::EventScriptListList of event script lines
RPG::HeroUsed for the hero as subtype of characters
RPG::ImageUsed for image buffers (8 bit)
RPG::InputUsed for key input
RPG::MapUsed for accessing and manipulating the current map environment
RPG::MonsterUsed for monsters as subtype of battlers
RPG::MoveRouteUsed for the move route of an character (also set by the "Move Event" command)
RPG::MusicUsed for background music settings
RPG::NamedCatalog< T >Class inherited from RPG::Catalog in which elements with non-consecutive IDs are stored without waste of memory (i.e. events on a map)
RPG::NamedCatalogPtr< T >Wrapper class for RPG::NamedCatalog pointers (syntactic sugar)
RPG::ParsedCommentDataUsed for parsed event comments (see Event comments guidelines)
RPG::ParsedCommentParameterUsed for parameters of parsed event comments (see Event comments guidelines)
RPG::PictureUsed for in-game pictures
RPG::ScreenUsed for the screen, including window properties and FPS
RPG::SoundUsed for sound effect settings
RPG::SwitchesProvides easy access to in-game switches
RPG::SystemUsed for system data which can change in-game
RPG::SystemGraphicUsed to store the system and "system2" graphics
RPG::VariablesProvides easy access to in-game variables
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