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If you have any questions, you may either ask in of the following forum threads:

...or write me an e-mail at dynrpg@cherrytree.at!

Oh, and if you find errors in this documentation, or bugs in the patch or the SDK, please tell me too!


DynRPG is a plugin SDK for RPG Maker 2003. "SDK" means "Standard Development Kit", and in this case it means that everyone can create his own extensions to the RPG Maker software now, as long as he knows how to use C++. DynRPG not only offers the average programmer access to the world of "patching", but it also provides the basis for far more powerful extensions than all "patches" made for the RPG Maker before.

DynRPG works using plugins. Plugins can be written in C++, they will be loaded when the game starts and they are notified of certain events (like the drawing of a new frame, the writing to a variable, etc.) and are allowed to react to these events.

What in past were "patches" are now going to be simple plugins. Any game using DynRPG can be extended by a new feature by simply putting a plugin file into a folder called DynPlugins. That's far easier than "patching", something which many game makers are even afraid of, because they think it might harm their game. And if somebody doesn't like a certain plugin, all he needs to do is deleting it.

So, DynRPG is beneficial to both plugin makers and game makers:

Important links

Are you a game maker? Then look at The Patch to find out how to install and use the DynRPG Patch and what features it has!

Are you a plugin maker? Then you might start with the Getting Started section, and make sure you follow the Rules and guidelines for plugin developers! Of course, you can also explore the SDK documentation using the navigation bar and the search function. The two main sections you need are the RPG namespace and the Callbacks.


The name "DynRPG" means this project as a whole... but actually, it consists of several parts:


I want to thank Bananen-Joe for helping me when I had questions - all the time since I got to know him... and also for his Destiny Patch because it gave me the competition I needed. :-)

I also want to thank MagicMaker for testing all my stuff before. Although he wasn't able to test DynRPG itself, his contribution also helped me with my previous research... and that research is the base of DynRPG.

And last but not least, I want to thank Crash-Override alias WordsBG for trying to "own me" years ago when I created my first "patch" (the RM2k(3) Font Changer)... I think if he hadn't challenged me, I wouldn't have dug into reverse engineering and I would never have come this far. (Explanation: After I published the font changer tool, he created a thingy called "RM Binary Patcher" which basically did the same as my font changer and Miroku's "Maker Ultimative" patcher combined. The latter had several bugs, and because he commented his tool with "because I just wanted to own you", I took that as a challenge and created a better tool, Hyper Patcher 1, which did the same as his tool, but without bugs and with more features. He then admitted that I had won.)